EXCAVATING - We are a full service excavating company encompassing all aspects of site work from start to finish: Excavation, trucking, ponds, driveways, foundations, installation of water and septic systems and repairs.

DRIVEWAYS - We install and repair drivewways and parking areas with an eye for function and aesthetic. We work with the natural landscape as our guide to add the required property features while keeping a sense of balance with the surrounding environment.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS - Ed is a certified, on-site septic installer. Full-service septic systems installation, maintenance and repairs based on your property, use and needs. In other words, septic done without cutting corners.

FOUNDATIONS - Complete excavation and site work for new foundations. Complete foundation replacement, repairs and extensions. Historic cellar repairs and fortification. Porch pier replacement.

PONDS - Ponds are one of our favorite ways to increase a property's value. New pond design. Pond repairs, improvements and rejuvenation.

STONE WALLS - Excavator built retaining walls. We work with local stones and a focus on natural balance and function. Stone walls add significant value to a property.

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